Fun Records catalogue download

You may download our catalogue with over 150000 items and read it offline. If you wish to use our shopping system in combination with the download catalogue, please write down item numbers. Then enter number by number in the "direct order" field.

We have a complete catalogue with all items or a catalogue with only the new items for download. You may chose between 3 formats

Complete catalogue as database (Microsoft Access), 6MB zipped: Datenbank

Complete catalogue as textfile, 5MB, zipped: Textfile

Complete catalogue as PDF File, 12MB: PDF

Only new items as textfile (Tab delimited file), 0,5MB zipped: Textfile

Only new items, PDF File, 1,5MB: PDF

PDF file, only 12" singles, only LPs, only 7"-Singles, only single CDs, only full CDs.

You may read the PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is for free.

The catalogue is as new as the printed catalouge, which is updated every 6-8 weeks. So it may be that some items which are still listed in the download file are sold in the meantime. It is recommended to use the "direct order" function, as you then will get a message when an item is listed but not available anymore before finishing the order.