Postage list

Shipping within germany:

  • payment with C.O.D.: €10,90
  • payment from a german bank account: €4,40
  • payment with credit card (Visa or Mastercard please) : €4,40
  • payment with cheque: €4,40

There is no minimum order line and no service charge on low volume orders.

International shipping rates:

  • "Not registered mailing" means mailing by parcel or letter which may not be tracked and traced. If lost in the mail it is customers loss.
  • If you use "registered mail", we may track order if the order is delayed and claim money back from postal service.
  • "Weight limit 2kg" means that you may only order 9 records or 18 CDs for this postage option. If you order more, please chose an option with no limit.

Land / Country not registerd airmail
(up to 9 records or 18 CDs)
4 days to Europe, 10-14 days World
not registerd surface mail
(up to 9 records or 18 CDs)
10 days to Europe, up to 6 weeks to America, 8-12 weeks Japan
Airmail package with insurance
No weight limit
7-10 Days to Europe, 10-14 days World
Surface package with insurance
combinated air+surface
no weight limit
7-10 days for Europe, 10-20 days World
(weight limit 2kg)
(no weight limit)
Rest of Europe -- €8,90
(weight limit 2kg)
-- €19,90
(no weight limit)
(weight limit 2kg)
(no weight limit)
(no weight limit)
Rest of the world €81,90
(no weight limit)
(no weight limit)

The list of payments options you find on this link (how to submit a payment).