FAQ-frequently asked questions

  • How long does it takes to receive an order...?
    We usually need app. 10 days to ship your order. If you give an eMail adress, we keep you updated on the status of your order. Shipping time is depending on which shipping rate you take (air or surface) and where you are located. We are located in Hamburg, Germany, Europe. If you need your order fast, it is recommended to use airmail. See shipping costs and time here.
  • I don't have a credit card, can I order something and how do I send payment?
    If you don't have a credit card, you may send any other payment, click here for more details. Place the order, we will put items on hold and give you a total. Then you may send a money order or any other payment.
  • I am looking for a CD which is not listed...
    We are not working on want lists. All items available are listed on our website. We also may not notify customers if a special item is available.
  • Can you tell me in which conditon the record...is?
    We don't grade our items but we only offer items which are in good condition, app. 25% of the items are new. We sort out items which are not in an acceptable condition. We only buy from private sellers only complete collections, we never buy from DJs, markets or second-hand stores.
  • How much do I have to pay for shipping...?
    A list of shipping costs you may find here.
  • I have some CDs which I don't need anymore and want to sell them...?
    Your CDs are welcome, if you have more then 50 items, please send a list by eMail. We pay €1 to €3 for each CD.
  • Can you tell me on which item is the song...?
    Sorry – we don't have tracklistings on file. There are many sources on the web to find tracklistings (for example www.cddb.com) If you can't find it there, try it with search engine www.google.com. Simply type in title there, maybe you find some website which offers tracklistings or discographys.
  • Why are you not offering any phone service...?
    We have many customers, if we would offer phone service, we would need a call center. We are a discount seller – to keep prices low we cannot offer that much service. Please try to find answers to your question on the FAQ site here or write an eMail to mail[at]funrecords.de
  • I received the CD...and I don't like the music style on it...can I return it?
    Sorry – we are not accepting any returns if CD is as listed in our catalogue.
  • Why are prices on some items so low and some are so expensive...?
    If we offer an item for the first time, we are offering it at a price at which most items of the same group / artist are selling. If more customers are ordering the item then it is available, the price is rising when the item is available again. If an item is on stock and not selling for a longer time, the price is going down.
  • You are offering a CD for €8 which I saw at "media market" for only €2...
    In this case it is recommended to buy at "media market".
  • I want to buy...items, can I get a discount?
    We are not giving discounts. We are offering items at very low prices, if we would give discounts to some customers, we would have to increase prices first...
  • I saw a record listed in the shop, but as I lately want to buy it, I couldn't find it?
    If an item which was listed is not listed anymore, it is sold in the meantime, somebody else was faster L.
  • I saw a record which I want to have, but don't have a record player...
    In this case you have to buy a record player. We can only offer the item in the format we have it and we are not able to burn it on CD.
  • The group...is it the band which made the song...in 1969....?
    Sorry, we may not offer any research on items. There are many groups having the same name, so if you are not sure, please first search on the web to find out more about the group or just order if you think, you may take the risk of receiving an items which turns out not as the group which you intended to buy. We don't have more details about the items available in our database then published on our site.
  • Why does it take so long to ship a single CD...?
    We have many customers ordering items from our website and so it may take some time to get an order shipped. Usually we need app. 10 days from the moment you placed the order until it is placed in the mail, but in some cases it may take up to 28 days. If you wish to speed up the order process, please use our online ordering system on this website and make sure that there is money in the account when you are using your credit card. Many orders are delayed due to reaons that we don't get an authorisation code for the credit card charge on first attempt.
  • My order is shipped ten days ago and I still have not received it...?
    Shipping within germany usually takes not longer then 2 days. If you are ordering surface from overseas, in some cases it may take a long time to receive the order. Before asking for a tracking, please check shipping times for your country on our website. If order is delayed, ask at your postal service, often they store a package for you and forgot to leave a notice. If you ordered registered mail, you may ask for a tracking if order is delayed. On not registered orders there is no tracking possible. Of course we will let you know if your order is returned to sender.
  • Have you received my order...?
    Orders which are placed with our online ordering system with a valid eMail adress will be confirmed when placed. After 5-10 days you will get another eMail with a total. Finally you will receive an eMail when order is shipped. Orders by fax will not be confirmed, but if you received no error message, fax is received – our fax is working very well and there is always paper in it. If you think your order is delayed (you have heard nothing after 10 days have passed), please give us an eMail. In this eMail you should mention complete adress, date order was placed, the way you placed the order (fax, online order...) and which items you bought and of course eMail.
  • I placed an order a few days ago and forgot one item...
    Please make a new order. If your order is still in reservation status, we may add an item, but in this case you have to mention order reservation number. Keep your order as long as you are sure that it contains all items you wish to buy. We may not process orders which are given item by item every day by eMail.
  • Is there a minimum order line...?
    There is no minimum order line or service surcharge on smaller orders, but as postage rates are flat rates it is recommended to buy more items at once to save shipping costs per item.
  • I ordered 5 items, but only 3 are received and charged...?
    Many items are only available once, so it may be that items are sold out when the order is placed. We are processing orders strictly in the row they are received. If an item is confirmed as sold out, it may only be ordered again if it is listed again. Please don't try to reorder these items before, they will not be available.
  • I saw item...which I am serching for 25 years now, can you put it on hold?
    We may not put items on hold. Please place your definite order for this item if you wish to buy it. Also it makes no sense to write an eMail if it is available. Place your order – if it is sold out you will be charged nothing.
  • Do you have a also a shop...?
    We don't have a shop. We have a warehouse where you may pick up items, but you have to bring a list with the item numbers. Click here for warehouse hours and location. We have also a store, but there you find different items which are not listed. If you are in Hamburg, visit "Checkpoint Charly", Gaertnerstrasse 31, 20253 Hamburg. You will find another 100000 items there...
  • I received an item which is not playing...what should I do?
    I am charged for an item which I have not ordered...
    I ordered a record and where charged for it, but item was not in the package....
    Please return item. Include invoice and write briefly what the reason for the return it. Some reasons may be
    - item is damaged (please write what is not OK with item, if a track is skipping, write track number please...)
    - item was not ordered
    - wrong item in package
    - wrong listing in catalogue
    If item is a low price item or return postage is expensive from your country, contact us first please.
  • When will the catalogue be updated...?
    We have a newsletter where we let you know each time a new catalogue is ready for download. Write an eMail to newsletter[at]funrecords.de. If you want to receive no further messages from us, write an eMail to remove[at]funrecords.de
  • Any more questions?
    Please write to mail[at]funrecords.de. We are answering all eMails. Don't send any reminders please, usually we get back to you within 48 hours but in some cases it may take longer.